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As we usually say, if it has anything to do with video, we can handle it. However, our services are beginning to develop beyond just video. We now offer branding and marketing services for your business or organization.

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Your Credit Score Explained

Client: Sean Binkley
Type: Web Video
Long gone are the days when we'd pull out an encyclopedia for an answer- the internet has become the source for almost all of our sought-out answers.  This is where the philosophy "Content over Commercial" comes into play.  No one is looking for a commercial to answer their question- they are looking for valuable advice that will provide them with a solution.  Branding yourself as an expert allows you to become a credible source for that individual, who may then chose to do business with you as a result.  It was clear that a series of expert branding tips were the perfect video solution for Your Home Team @ Dominion Lending Centres Alliance.  You can view the rest of Sean's videos from his YouTube Channel.


How to Increase Sales with Video Marketing

Type: Web Video
Our web series, Viva La Video, showcases various tips, tricks and insight into video marketing.  With a branded intro, outro, and high quality recording, we have used this series as a tool to market our company as well as providing credible advice. 


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