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Expert Branding Tips

This product is fantastic, especially for those in the service industry. It allows you to brand yourself as the expert in your field, offer free advice to your current and future clients and create content rather than a commercial. Plus you’re buying videos in bulk which cuts down on cost and saves you money!

Here is how it works. We will meet with you to discuss the video series you want to produce, you can chose to produce anywhere from a minimum of five videos up to 50! We will shoot 5-10 videos at a time at one location all at once. We will then edit the videos and you can them distribute them on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your budget, marketing goals and target audience. You save because we are shooting several videos at once rather than one at a time and you have the ability to use several videos to keep your marketing campaign fresh and informative.

Here is a sample of an Expert Tip Branding Video

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