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What's New

To say that this last year has been busy for all of us here at Viva Productions is an understatement! With new clients, new employees, and the very exciting addition to Kingston’s media market; the launch of our sister company Station 14, we have had an extremely fulfilling 2014. And we're only half way through! Here are just a few examples of some of our accomplishments thus far;

Intelligent Communities Forum

Within it's second year of applying, Kingston landed in the top 7 most intelligent communities in the world, as rated by the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF). Seriously Smart YGK was born, and since making the shortlist, they have actively engaged the community in discussions on multiple aspects of what makes Kingston "seriously smart". Viva was approached by the City of Kingston to cover this exciting event and create the videos which highlight all five aspects of an accomplished community- one that constantly strives to better itself; Knowledge Workforce, Broadband, Innovation, Digital Inclusion, Advocacy and Culture as Canvas.

Want to know how we did it? Take a look!

Grand Theatre

For the third year in a row, Viva Productions has had the opportunity to showcase The Grand Theatre's season launch, and every year they enrich Kingston's culture with the often moving, sometimes hilarious and downright riveting shows they bring to town. Grand Theatre Presents Subscriptions are a highlighted feature that everyone should be a part of, letting you build your own package with the flexibility and ease you've come to expect from The Grand. Go on, fill your year with entertaining options at great prices.

But enough talk, on with the show!


Station 14 Commercials and Video Advertising:

Interested in local advertising in Kingston on a whole new level? If you haven’t already, take a look at what Station 14 has to offer as a local community platform, one that reaches your target audience with high quality, unique and multi-functional video advertisements.
Oh and while you’re looking, keep in mind- all of the 5, 10 or 15 second commercials you see before each video are produced by yours truly. Local ads, to our community, with a video you get to keep in the end? Yes, we did.

This is just a small sample of what Viva Productions has been up to in the world of video marketing. Stay tuned for more!

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