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 Anthony Agostino, President & CEO

Passion and determination and creativity are the characteristics that drive Anthony most. And considering he is the driving force behind Viva Productions, it’s obvious what the company brings to the production. Having spent nearly two decades in television hosting and producing, he brings a versatile mix to Viva Productions from concept creation to in front of and behind the camera, to post-production. His business and marketing skills are intangibles that clients get to take advantage of. Anthony is just as comfortable in a boardroom as he is behind the camera and at an editing bay.

Having conducted more than 5,000 interviews over the course of his career, he is an expert at making anyone feel comfortable on camera. His anything is possible attitude is what you will appreciate when it comes to producing your project, regardless of its scope.

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Edgar Monroy, Videographer/ Producer

This Mexican is still getting used to cold Canadian winters but his creative camera work and flare for editing is undeniably innate. When you love something it lives in you. It is a creation of your soul, it occupies your imagination and manifests itself in your every thought. This is the tale of Edgar and video. His desire and meticulous effort to capture the right moment shines though each project he is a part of.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, Edgar brings diversity to each production, with fresh ideas and an innovative approach.

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Emese Grayston, Producer

Moving to Canada at an early age, Emese has come to love the English language, whether that is writing, reading, interpreting or teaching, having studied English Language and Literature at Brock University. 

Bilingual in both Hungarian and English, with a storied background in traveling the world; Emese offers an alternative perspective to the world of video, through her love of storytelling and marketing. Her open and approachable personality mixed with a focused and driven passion make for a strong work ethic. With a keen eye for detail, the need for perfection and a passion for creativity, she has the ability to understand and interpret a client's needs.

In her downtime, she enjoys traveling, reading anything she can get her hands on and running.

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